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Last Updated October 9, 2020

Available Types of Help

Self Help

Self-help services help you help yourself. Our in-person Self Help Desks give you access to staff and volunteers that can help you find forms, fill out paperwork, and file your documents. Our online self-help resource centers collect important forms and information that applies specifically to a court or "jurisdiction."

Limited Scope

Limited Scope Services make it possible for you to get legal advice or representation for a specific part of your case. For example, you may just need help figuring out if you have a defense in your eviction case, but you're comfortable with the rest of the process.


Full Representation means you have the representation of an attorney from start to finish. These attorneys help you determine your legal arguments, draft all documents, and represent you in court. There are free options for people below a certain income. Private attorneys provide these services at an hourly rate.